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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jennifer Knapp's New Release "Letting Go" Available for Preview

I had a chance to listen to Jennifer Knapp's new album that arrived today and was quickly inspired.  I know there continues to be a lot of judgment from many Christians and from many pulpits, but I refuse to throw any stones.  She is a beautiful child of God and the path she chooses is her own.  It we as followers of Christ really knew what WAS so amazing about His grace, I think we wouldn't be so fixated on others' or our own sexuality, or anything else for that matter.

I've already perused a few blogs out there where some are saying "We (the Church) didn't leave Jennifer, she's left us."  That's not grace.  That's not Christ.  That's disgusting.  Don't assume you or anyone around you is really who they say they are in our "stained glass masquerade." 

If you're interested, give the album a listen.  I connect with many of the words on so many levels, especially the song "Fallen."   Honestly, I think this is her best work yet.

God, give me the humility to close my eyes to the concerns of others and focus on my own fallen soul.  Lift me up so that I will be mercy to those in need of mercy.  I want to be mercy.  I want to be like Jesus.

You can also listen the the entire album by visiting AOL HERE.

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  1. Homosexuality is sin and rather than turn from it, Jennifer continues in it. Please don't try to overlook what God doesn't. It's very clear. Sure, we all sin but to purposely continue in that sin, is inexcusable.


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