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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Album Review: Carlos Whittaker's "Ragamuffin Soul"

When I first found Carlos Whittaker's blog for the first time last week, I was excited to see another worship leader who was totally hip with social networking and the Web 2.0 thing.  I'm always excited to try new tools that help bring people together in community.   I remember those first few times logging into a public computer at college back in the early 90's.  (Yeah, I know I just totally dated myself.)   I remember the thrill of being able to instantly access so much information, and yet I felt so very alone sitting in front of that computer while dozens of others near me frantically typed away at theirs.  Back then the roads on the internet were made for one person at a time, except for those nifty little bulletin boards and listservs. 

There are superhighways on the internet now, and individuals can feel that sense of community through the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and you can even craft a following if you feature a blog rich in content written by someone who clearly loves what they're doing.

Carlos seems to be doing just that.  Though I'm new to his Ragamuffin Soul blog, he's developed a following over the years that has helped him fuel the release of his new praise and worship CD by the same name.   I had a chance to listen to this new CD last week as it was streamed for free via NewReleaseTuesday's site and was immediately impressed by the pounding power chords, immensely deep bass that had my subwoofer pumping, and Carlos' smooth voice had me feeling like I was listening to a perfect coupling of original Sonicflood and edgy Newsboys.  And yet Carlos manages to differentiate this album from either band with his own fresh sounds and personal touch. 

Though "God of Second Chances" seems to be the focused pick for the new single, I suspect one of the songs you'll soon be singing in churches throughout the nation will be "Grace Already Won."  It's a dynamic song with a throbbing beat that will bring people to their feet as they join in with the worship team singing,

Grace already won, Grace has covered us, Grace runs deep, it's neverending!
Grace is strong enough, Grace will overcome, Grace will be our everlasting!

I plan on buying the Ragamuffin Soul CD this weekend.    Already it's been steadily climbing the Itunes charts and I was surprised to see it on the front page among the top album sales. 

Good for Carlos, and good for the spirit as you listen to an album that muses the body while moving you to praise with the Soul. 

Ragamuffin Soul is available now on Itunes and through IntegrityDirect.

Carlos' website is worth bookmarking.  You can read it HERE.

Watch live streaming video from integritymusic at

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